Information in English

This webshop is, as you already found out, written in Dutch, with exception of a few pages.


We started (behind the walls of the visible webshop) translating this website in English quite some time ago, but we do not expect completion before the end of 2021.

Until then you can use the aid of translation add-ons that are available for most browsers. Some browsers like Chrome and Edge have such a translation tool built in. Alternatively you can translate only the pages you are interested in.

A little warning: translating is quite hard, a mistake is easily made, so make sure you understand it all correctly. In case of any doubt: email our customerservice.

Until the end of June 2021 we had another option available: a smaller, more simple webshop in English with a limited number of products available.

For technical reasons we cannot use this webshop anymore, unfortunately.