De Hekserij is a Dutch business. We ship most of our products to most countries, and have customers in over 40 countries. However, this webshop is only intended for purchasing products that have to be shipped and/or invoiced to the following countries:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxemburg
  • Germany
  • France
  • The United Kingdom
  • Denmark

Where applicable: with exception of overseas teritories.

Please quote your phone number at "Extra Opmerkingen", this can speed up the delivery. For France: in case you live in an apartment building that has a main shared door with a code lock, please quote the code of this lock at "Extra Opmerkingen".

For customers in EU countries who understand little or no Dutch, use our Hexapus Webshop

For other countries: you can order by email as explained at our other website: Hexapus

We do NOT recommend to use our webshop in case you understand no or little Dutch. All information is in Dutch, the labels are in Dutch, the legal information is in Dutch. In case you don't understand Dutch well enough and want to order perfume making supplies: please use our other website: Hexapus. In other cases: contact us by email, in case we can help you we certainly will do.

In case you have an European VAT number (and your company is outside The Netherlands) we can supply as a intra community delivery, that is: without charging the Dutch VAT. In case you want to be supplied this way you need:

  • To contact us by email before your first order and let us know your address and VAT number.
  • We check your data, and if all is right we can send intra communal delivery to you.
  • Please remind that we can only do this in case the addresses supplied are known to the EU tax authorities. In case they have the wrong address we have to charge the Dutch VAT untill you have this corrected (can take a long time).
  • In case you live in a country with incompetent tax authorities: we are sorry, you still have to comply to the EU rules, and so do we.
  • Quote your VAT number with every order with 'opmerkingen' and hold your payment untill we provided you with the correct price.
  • In all other cases we either have to charge VAT or have you to pay for the extra cost involved in other procedures.